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Hello! You have reached Eimii's icon journal. Why is it a community? Cause I'm too lazy to make another journal to log into constantly. Here you will find icons of all sorts here, however, most will be asian related. sorry ^^; I make other things now and then too such as friends only banners, etc.

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  • If you take an icon please comment & credit. The first part I won't make a big deal out of however credit is a must!
  • DO Credit owaranai_mono or sakurayosei in your keywords for LJ.
  • DO Credit confluence or eimii in your keywords for Scribbld.
  • NO reposting this somewhere else unless you have my permission.
  • NO Editing or claiming them as yours in any way.
  • NO direct linking. Its evil and horrible and sucks up bandwith!

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